How to win in Shuffle Cats? Our guide with tips and tricks for players

Shuffle Cats

Shuffle Cats is a game from King that is well known for various "saga" games. But this time the gameplay has nothing to do with blocks or balls, and you are invited to play a Rummy card game. You do not know the rules and have troubles? You do not know how to win? Then read our tips and guide for Shuffle Cats!

How to play Shuffle Cats? What are the rules of the game? At the beginning of the game you pick up one card, either from the discard pile or from the stock pile. Now look what you've got. You may have a set - three or four cards of the same rank (for example, three sevens, four queens). Or you may have a run - three or more cards of the same suit (hearts, clubs, spades or diamonds). 3 cards of diamonds suit, 4 cards of diamonds suit, 5 cards of diamonds suit are the correct runs.

If you have got such a combination, tap on it and drag the cards on the board. This is "melding". Also, you can add card in a set or a run. If you have three kings, you can try to add a fourth. But regardless of whether you have done melding or not, you must complete a turn by sending a card to the discard pile. If you've done melding, then you get the same number of cards from the stock pile. For each card in the meld, you get a point. The winner is the first player to score 10 points.

The main advice for almost all card games is try to remember the cards. Maybe it's not so easy, but paying attention to them is necessary. Remember those cards that you've dropped, and those ones that has been dropped by your opponent (and also remember the cards that has been picked up by the opponent). If you know the cards that are not in the game and what combinations are no longer possible, it will be a key to victory for you.

Pay some attention to your opponent's Lucky Charms! If they have Queens & Kings charm that gives bonuses for King and Queen cards, do not drop such cards! On the other hand, if you have the Queens & Kings charm, you need to collect the kings and queens that has been dropped by your opponent.

Remember that there is one deck in the game and each card in unique. So if you dropped a good card in the discard pile, it will disappear until the stock deck is reduced and the discard pile is turned over. It's quite a rare situation, so do not count on this card!


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