Sky Force Reloaded — Quick-firing cheats, tips and tricks

Sky Force Reloaded

If you like flying ship shooters then you certainly know Sky Force 2014 where a player had to control fantastic space ship and shoot everything in its path. But time does not stand still, so meet Sky Force Reloaded, the sequel of the successful game! In SFR you get a pretty weak aircraft and have to upgrade it, complete game levels, fight with bosses and save people. Read our tips and tricks for Sky Force Reloaded!

Do not try to shoot as many enemy ships and collect as many stars as possible. After some time you will realize that this goal is almost unreachable. Instead try to survive as long as possible and avoid enemy shots. This way you will be able to reach the level boss and go to the next stage.

Collect silver coloured small crystals, because they increase the fire rate of your guns. Each crystal increases the rate very slightly, but if you collect enough of them then you will be able to destroy strong enemies and a huge number of enemy planes.

How to earn stars while playing Sky Force Reloaded? Go to the in-game store and find the section where you can watch ads. For watching ads you get free gifts and there are stars among them. The gifts are updated every three hours, so check the game from time to time.

After beating a level you can earn four medals: one if your ship has no damage, one for destroying 70% of enemies, one for destroying all enemies and one for the saving all people. It is clear that you can't complete all goals at a time . Therefore, you can replay the level several times to consistently fulfill the objectives. For example, once you can try to save all people, and the other time to destroy all enemies. Thus you can earn the maximum number of stars.

Try to remember a level when you play it. When replaying levels you can notice that enemies appear at the same locations and move the same way. Even a fairly hard level will become a lot easier when you remember when and where enemies will appear. Thanks to this feature you will be able to collect more medals.

If you you are low on game life then start attacking tanks as soon as you see them. After destroying most of them you can pick up hearts that will restore the life. And here is a little trick. If you restore life this way and can play till the end of a level without losing health then you earn “Stay untouched” goal.

If you see a group of enemies appearing on the screen then try to destroy all of them because after the destruction the last one will drop a useful bonus.


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