Smashy Road: Wanted - Tips and tricks for successful driving

Smashy Road: Wanted is a kind of branch of Crossy Road universe. You drive a car and try to make as much damage as possible in peaceful and calm city. But you should beware of cops because they'll do anything to stop you! Doesn't this remind you something? Yes, it's very similar to Grand Theft Auto with cartoonish graphics and simplified gameplay. Well, to be precise, to the very first GTA. It only seems that the game is easy to play, so read our tips and tricks for Smashy Road: Wanted!

Time lapse trick works perfectly in this game. You get a prize every 5 hours but there is a way to get it more often! To do this exit Smashy Road: Wanted, go to the date and time settings of your smartphone or fablet and set time 5 hours ahead. Then start the game and get your prize! You can repeat this trick over and over again! But keep in mind that if you set the correct time then you'll have to wait as many hours as you 'rewinded' forward. So if you went cheating then go on and collect Legendary and Epic cars and use all their powers.

The game will give you huge reward for broken police cars. You can get points by playing for a long time but you can get far more points by crashing cops cars. You can achieve best results by doing a very tight turn before a crowd of pursuers. In that case they'll come into collision with each other.

There are different car classes in the game and they all have the strengths and weaknesses. For example, small cars can be very fast but they can get into oversteer and they have bad off-road handling. Moreover it's very hard for a small car to drive big cars out off the road. Big cars are generally slow but they have good handling and they can easily clear the road from other cars. Their disadvantage is that they take too much space.

How to earn money in Smashy Road: Wanted? You can get some money during races. Yes, it takes certain time but at least you'll get them permanently. If you're lucky enough to unlock Money Man Truck then try to use it because you can get 5 times more cash during races. Also from time to time (after 4-5 losses) the game will offer you to watch ad videos. You can get at least 20 free coins for watching the videos. Unfortunately you can't cheat by dying very often because the ads will disappear after certain number of views. So you can earn at least 200 coins per day with this way.

When you approach police barriers try to aim barriers and not police cars because these cars are quite heavy. Moreover it's impossible to get armored trucks moving forward. So if you run into such car it will be deplorable for you and will mean the end of the race.

There are some streets in the city with very tight spaces. It's quite possible to escape from persecutors in such side streets. The main thing is not to get stuck by yourself!


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