Smile Inc — Tips, tricks and cheats that will not you fail

Smile Inc

Smile Inc is a runner game where you have to play as a character trying to overcome the ordinary problems of office life. Among these problems are traps, circular saws, mines, sharks, etc. It is difficult to live in the office, whatever you say. But the reward will be a cup of coffee giving you new strength. This game is incredibly complicated, so read our tips and tricks for Smile Inc!

Controlling a character by tilting is very complex, so it is recommended to go to the settings and switch the control from tilt to Joystick (you will have to tap the screen). In this case, it will be much easier to manage character's movements . If you like control by tilting, then you can set the sensitivity that is suitable for you.

The character in the game is running very fast, so be careful when you point him to the left or right. Very often, he runs much further than you need, so it is better to slightly touch the screen to move the character.

How to earn money in Smile Inc? The game will reward you if you get an achievement while playing. But the rewards can be increased if you agree to watch ads. Do not miss this opportunity and start watching!

Cups of coffee collected by the hero is a kind of a booster. After drinking coffee the hero starts to run much faster. But be careful because in this case it will be harder to dodge obstacles. Perhaps it is better not to collect cups of coffee at all to go further. But you can pick up helmets lying on your way because a found helmet gives you invulnerability and allows you get closer to the goal and reach the exit of the office.

The game is somewhat similar to Flappy Bird where a player constantly had to start over and over again after rather quick crashes with obstacles. So if you feel tired, take a break from the game, relax for about fifteen minutes, and then go back again to the game. You will find that your results will improve dramatically!

If you have any questions about Smile Inc you can post them here. We or other players will try to answer it!


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