Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare — Ultimate guide, tips and tricks

Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare

Plarium is known as the developer of the popular multiplayer strategies like Vikings: War of Clans and Throne: Kingdom at War. In the new Plarium's game called Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare the storyline takes place in the distant future. Phoenix Corporation seized all the fields of the lifesaving serum and now the whole world declares war on the Corporation. It is difficult to fight with the whole world? Then read our guide with tips, tricks and secrets for Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare!

Like in other similar games you get rewards for completing game quests. You can redeem your reward by tapping the button at the upper left corner of the screen. Most often you get resources as a reward. But before collecting them make sure that you do not have enough of these resources. Because otherwise you will not be able to collect them completely and they will disappear in vain. It is best not to rush with the completion of the quest and wait the resources to be reduced.

When you choose which construction to build we recommend you to select the Boost Annex. The construction will automatically generate the resources you choose. On the level when such buildings become available you can select between the three main resources and the Boost Annex, and you should choose the latter one. Boosts save a lot of time in the game, so if you play often then they will be very useful for you!

When you reach level 5 you get an additional slot for construction. After that you will be able to build two buildings at the same time. Unfortunately, this additional slot is given for a certain time and will disappear after three days. So hurry up to seize the moment and try to build as many buildings as possible during this time.

Try to join an Alliance ASAP because it will bring you some benefits. Among them is the time acceleration when constructing buildings with the help of other Alliance members. In addition, participation in the Alliance will protect you from attacks of aggressive players looking for those ones who play alone.

Before you send the army into a battle you should check the gears. Certain gears will improve certain types of troops, making them stronger. Game units are divided into four categories: light infantry, mechanized infantry, armored forces and combat aircraft. If you are going to send a team consisting of units of the same type then try to choose gears that will give them boost.

In order to achieve success while playing Soldiers Inc: Mobile Warfare it is necessary to constantly do something. You shouldn't stop while building new constructions, performing upgrades and producing new troops. Constant development and expansion will bring you victories in the game.


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