Stronghold Crusader — Cheat codes

Stronghold Crusader

Cheat codes for Stronghold Crusader. In the main menu press Shift + Alt + A to enable cheat mode. Now during the game press:
Alt + C to unlock all missions.
Alt + K to make buildings free of charge.
Alt + X to get 100 of gold and 100 of popularity.

Or there is another way. Start the game with the -debug parameter in the command line. In the main menu press [Shift] + [Alt] + [A] to activate the cheat mode. During the game press:

[Alt] + [L] to increase the level of a unit
[Alt] + [X] to get 100% popularity, and 100 Gold
[Alt] + [C] to unlock all missions
[Alt] + [K] to get free buildings
[Alt] + [S] to change season of the year
[Alt] + [V] to kill all them all :)
[Alt] + [G] to destroy a Citadel
[Alt] + [K] to destroy a castle
[Alt] + [M] to quickly exit the game


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