Stronghold Crusader — Medieval tips and tricks for noble gamers

Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader is a quite old but still extremely popular strategy simulator from Firefly Studios. The company released a lot of games in 'Stronghold' franchise but SC seems to be the most beloved by players. We have tons of tips and tricks for this game and this article is going to be the first one in a series. So, let's start!

You can win in just five minutes. To do this at the beginning of the game use all your money to create assassins. The assassins' advantage is their invisibility, they can get close to the enemy and smash everything. Especially well it works with the caliphs.

There is a good way to stop the enemy's progress. To do this you must wait until the enemy will finish his castle. Then place a bull leash or sawmill near the exit. This will close the entrance and therefore resource extraction!

To determine where the traps are, choose a shed to build and start moving cursor near the enemy castle. If you will see the red squares it means there are traps there.

If you order the catapults to shoot a cow and then immediately cancel the order, they will do shot, but using a stone (even if you do not have stones).

To protect the castle place 3 rows of oil next to it and when the enemy start to attack, set fire on these rows using an archer and a brazier. Enjoy the burning of the enemy! You can also enclose the castle with wolf pits.

If you build a sawmill before the enemy gates, the castle will be insulated (the enemy won't break it if there are no enemy troops outside the castle). If there are slaves in the castle, then place a sawmill inside the enemy's castle. Most likely, they will set fire on it and the castle will start to burn.

In the first mission when you've just started playing do not build anything and create hired archers for all money you have (usually you can get about 30-40 archers). Then start attacking the enemy while he is weak. Surround his castle, and you just have to wait...

It's very easy to get rid of the enemy fire ballistae. You need to place a sawmill or oxen leash near a ballista. Fire from burning buildings will destroy the ballista!

There is a trick to leave your enemy without army. After the start of the game, remember where the computer puts the barracks (or building for mercenaries). Press Escape, then "Game Settings" and reduce the speed of the game up to 20. Then restart the mission. Put a sawmill in the place that you just have remembered. Play quietly, and no one will attack you.

If you got surrounded, your troops are killed, and your Lord is in danger, then take the Lord out of the castle, choose walls construction and encircle the Lord with the wall. You'll save him this way.


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