Super Mario Run — Jumping secrets, moustached tips and tricks

Super Mario Run

Super Mario is an iconic platformer from Nintendo. Millions of people love the cute mustachioed plumber that tries to save his Princess. It seems that Nintendo doesn't like smartphone games, but finally players have an opportunity to get into the fabulous world of Mario with Super Mario Run. Read our tips, tricks and secrets for this game!

What kind of jumps does Mario use? How can you perform them?

• Mini Jump: It happens automatically and allows Mario to avoid small obstacles.
• Normal Jump: Just tap on the screen.
• High Jump: Tap and hold the screen.
• Spin Jump: Tap the screen, hold and then tap again to spin and hover in the air.
• High Jump: Use spin jump next to the enemy to stab him.
• Flip Jump: Tap to make the flip when Mario is about to fall at the end of the platform.
• Wall Jump: Jump towards a wall, then tap the screen when you are about to hit the wall, and it will make Mario jump backwards.

How to become big? Mario grows when he eats a red mushroom. So try to jump under the blocks with the question mark. You can get various boosters, but most often it will be mushrooms.

How to add time? At some levels you can find a purple block. Jump under it and you will add 10 seconds to the time.

How to become invincible? At some levels you can find a large red ring. If you run through it, you will get five red stars and activate Super Star. Doing this you will make Mario invincible.

How to level up enemies? Each enemy type can be leveled up to get more coins for destroying them. Just meet a certain number of enemies (displayed at the end of a level), and you will start to get more coins!

Every day you can play a bonus level. To unlock the bonus level visit your Kingdom and tap the first building.

How to unlock secret levels while playing Super Mario Run? If you collect five pink coins on each level (total of 120), you will get access to the secret pink level. Collecting all five purple coins on each level will unlock you the secret purple level. Same with the black coins — collect all five coins on each level to unlock secret black level.

How to unlock Luigi? Collect 150 green frogs in Toad Rally, and buy a Luigi house in the store. Is it worth doing? Perhaps yes because he jumps higher than his brother.

How to unlock Princess Peach? Play World Tour mode, complete all levels and defeat all bosses to unlock Princess Peach.

How to unlock Toadette? Toadette is the most difficult character to get in the game. You need to collect 200 red toads, 200 green toads and 200 blue toads in Toad Rally. After that you need to buy house of Toadette in the store.


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