Swordigo - Where is the key in Frozen Temple?

Question: After I got 4th magic in Frozen Temple I can't find the key to go further. I read a walkthrough and it seems that I have to buy the key but it is absent in my shop. Where can I take the key?

Answer from max: You should use 4th magic near the door and there will be a statue. You must press the button. Then there will be a demon and you must kill him. After that you'll be given the key!



Where is the statue after we use 4th magic?
In Frozen temple...

I've done the quest to get the gold boulder. Then I forgot to use the key given. Now I can't open the elevator. I've repeated the quest but I didn't get the key. Where can I get another key? Cause maybe I used the quest key at another places. Help me please! :(

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