The Sandbox Evolution — Divine tips, tricks and cheats

The Sandbox Evolution

The Sandbox Evolution is the sequel to the popular 'Sandbox' game released a few years ago. In the new game there are new elements and materials, so you can create the most incredible worlds. And when you get tired, you can travel around the newly created world in the platformer mode. Moreover, you can create your own levels and share them with other players. The game has a lot of interesting features and you can even create your own pixel art! Read our tips and tricks for The Sandbox Evolution!

First of all try to complete daily quests. You will be asked to play some players-created levels, and they all vary in difficulty. Accordingly you will receive a small reward for easy levels, but for the hard ones your prize will be quite good. Try to beat all the levels to earn more mana!

But even if you have completed daily quests, you still should visit the Worlds gallery. You will find here the levels created by other players. You can earn mana by playing these levels (but only once for a level). So if you don't have enough mana, play a level from the Gallery! By the way, some of these levels are quite interesting!

You can save some mana by using a minimum of materials. For example, if you need the sand, you can take a stone and destroy it with water. It may not be obvious, but it will work if you need sand, and you do not want to spend your mana. You can try to find similar ways to get other materials.

It is not always required to win a level by beating all the enemies. If the situation seems to be quite complicated there is always the chance to get out. Sometimes you can try to find another way, and sometimes you can simply jump over the enemies.

When you level up, you get a set of new missions to play. These missions are quite simple and for beating them you earn some mana. For example, you may be asked to create a desert with sand or spend five minutes creating a new world, etc. Don't worry if you can't complete all the missions before a level up as new missions will be added to the old ones. It's best to choose those missions that reward you with Karma (premium currency of the game). Beating of a certain number of these missions will give you a level up (and new missions)!


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