Throne: Kingdom at War — Medieval tips, tricks and cheats

Throne: Kingdom at War

Mobile games developer Plarium is known as the creator of such hit as the Vikings: War of Clans. New game Throne: Kingdom at War from Plarium is also online multiplayer strategy, but this time story line is bounded with medieval age. Like in other similar games you need to develop your kingdom, complete quests, fight with opponents and strive for global dominance. Read our tricks, hints and tips for Throne: Kingdom at War!

Orders are similar to alliances and clans in other multiplayer strategies. By joining an Order you get construction speed up and can also count on the support of Order's members. You in return should help them too. Requests for assistance are displayed in the lower right corner of the screen. Just tap "Help all" to do your bit in the Order growth.

Why do one need to be a VIP in Throne: Kingdom at War? Thanks to this status you can get increase in production and resources gathering. Initially the game will let you to try a VIP status but later you will need to pay for its activation. Is it worth it? Perhaps because players with this status progress faster.

And in order to succeed in the game you need to constantly evolve. So try all the time to do something in the game. For example, you can start to build new constructions. And once you get them built you need to think about what is necessary in order to improve them. You can also complete quests because it's a great way to earn money, experience and tons of goodies.

Once you have completed the quest, don't collect your earned rewards! Because if you got attacked enemies can steal them from you. Collect the rewards only when you really need them! Thus it is possible to save considerable resources and take advantage of them when you will need a large-scale upgrade or purchase.

At the very beginning of the game you as a newbie are protected from attacks of other players. So use this time as efficiently as possible and try to do the construction of buildings and recruitment of troops. Remember that you always have to increase the number of troops. This is the feature of this game and do not think that you can ever reach the limit.



So... Any news? :)

Lovely game, awesome, my order - my family. The only thing I know is your success completely depends on your Order.

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