Vikings: War of Clans - Tips, tricks and cheats recommended by Loki & Odin

Vikings: War of Clans

If you've already played and loved Total Domination from Plarium then you should take a look at Vikings: War of Clans from the same company. Like in other MMO games you have to build your kingdom, fight with other gamers and lead your people to the wealth and prosperity. Read our tricks and tips for Vikings: War of Clans that will help you to progress in this game!

There are a lot of quests in Vikings: War of Clans. Completing these quests will allow you to earn a lot of gold, resources and experience. Play the quests but don't collect completion reward. The point is that after collecting it other gamers can pick your hardly earned reward out. Until you claim the prize it will be in safe and sound.

Try to build as more buildings as you can and fearlessly use five minute acceleration that allows you not to wait until construction is completed. Thanks to button "Go to" you can understand which buildings you can upgrade in this moment (ie, you have all required resources). Build and upgrade until you have resources!

Before you start a battle try to find kingdoms left by their owners. You can spy on them, and if in a kingdom there are no troops but you see plenty of resources it means that this object is yours! Try to attack them frequently as these kingdoms are excellent source of silver, iron, food, wood and stone.

Farms are very important as they are main source of food for your troops, without food your army can't exist. So build as more farms as you can and upgrade them ASAP. If you'd like accumulate provisions then send you troops out on a long mission as during the journey soldiers don't waste food from home storage.

Gaining influence fast (submitted by <Nemesis>): I am a level 23 with a level 53 hero. Besides using gold the fastest way that I have found to gain influence is to have your heroes skills maxed out on training 1, 2 and 3. I have 12 manors all at 21 or higher. During troop training events I train tier 4 and 5 troops because there is an additional 10% bonus during this event. I also wear invader training armour and train very fast. During non troop training events I train tier 1, 2 and 3 troops. I gain up to 5 million influence a week this way.



I've spent over 3000$ in us currency on this game..
My phone got stolen..... my account is gone now.. so everyone tells me there is no way to get ur account back =( but how isn't they can't get my account back if my town is still n game and is registered to me with all the purchases.. make no sense I can't get my account back...?? Anyone k ow if this has changed.. there's gotta be some way

Try to contact Plarium support, send them receipts from the store, maybe they can help you

What is the great relocation that comes with some packs?

Hi jmW

They are great relocations mate, you use them to jump kingdom during the KVK events.


My warriors were killed in tile fight but did not show up in my heal or ressurect, so what happened to them???

Troops killed on rss tile will not appear in heal section (this only applies to troops killed by enemy in your town) but should be in resurrect. If troops haven't speared in resurrect maybe your Infirmaries were at full capacity already? If you don't upgrade infirmaries there is only limited number of troops they can hold.

Hi Sum,

I have also had this happen to me and it was not because I did not have enough room in my infirmary as I have room for 200k troops in my 10 lv21 infirmary, I had also asked a few people in my kingdom and they are at a loss also so if you find out I would be interested also to find out.


If your troops were killed on tile they don't appear in infirmary, they do only when they were killed in your city

Is there a way to get free loyalty points or free gold?!?!

Hi Nicky,

You can get loyalty points from doing clan tasks and also from helping fellow clansmen with builds (small icon above the menu tab in town view)


Try to win events to get some gold, or go on tiles, but tjis way is not fast :(

Hi everyone. I wanted to know how the offensive and defensive knowledge applies to troops. For example, in your village your walls give you an additional percent of defense. Also knowledge perks could give you an addition percent defense, as could your hero. Lastly every troop can be 50 percent more effective against another. My questions are: Does your hero need to be present in the town or in the attack for the hero's offensive and defensive percentages to be applied. Also do these benefits affect the adjusted attack and defense, or the base attack and defense. Lastly, does the 50 percent unit specific benifit take place before or after the additional effects from the other 3?

I would like to know too

Hero's stats only apply when hero is with the troops.
For example, if you reinforce a clansmate you need to send your hero or else its only basic stars that apply.
If you reinforce same city with two marches but only one of them have hero only those troops in that march get the hero stats. The march without hero get basic stats.
Your city serves as a march when defending so you need to have your hero at home when defending for skills to count.
The Hero is in other words bound to the actual march it's involved in...
/elder, global top clan

There are only two types of people that win at this game: the people enjoying the game that haven't spent a dime to play it, and the company making money off the rest of the ding dongs "paying to win". Welcome to the losers bracket everybody else. :)

When building armor do you have to be 100% legendary materials to build legendary armor? I was told that as long as it is more than half it would work but I don't want to waist materials

No, it goes by % ... If you want to make sure you get legendary then you have to have 100%

I wouldn't advice to chance, have patience and be 100% sure of getting Legendary gear, it's an investment for the rest of your in-game life!

Hey, which kind of troops is better to train?

My food was in the red for several thousand so I used a lot of my food resources from the store. This didn't decrease my food consumption but instead kept adding my resources to the number in red, which should've decreased it and now it's in the red for several million. How do I correct this? It's been over 12 hours.

Being red on the food stat just means you're not making enough food to stay above 0 food... Your food won't go negative... It goes to zero and stops... So if you don't add no more food to your stat it'll eventually go down to zero which would be a waste.

Don't bother with food production, once you have an army with power there is no way of keeping food production positive.
Put your effort in producing other rss and send it to the clans bank, when you need food you get it from bank. Bank gets food from smaller players within clan or from you when you gather it.
/elder, global top clan

How do I get VIP points?

Buy it for gold or get during events

How much Gold does it take to upgrade Range Defence and Offence 10/10?

145к for Defence and 145k for Offence

Reason I ask, because I'm adding up the total amount of Gold for me to upgrade all one-time. I'm a very impatient guy and waiting weeks for upgrades is annoying even with 2 prophet and boosts...


Actually 215k gold for 10/10 defence

When you're new to this game... You know nothing... You don't even know if there are different kingdom. You just focus on upgrading all stuff... And when you finally got some knowledge about the game you realize that now you're stuck forever in that kingdom. Like really forever... It's frustrating man... We should have one last chance on this!

GOW just added that feature to relocate to another kingdom. Vikings will most likely do the thing. Patience...


I recently joined to a clan that's quite active, but it's Chief. The Chief is not responding and not active at all... Do you guys know of a way to dispute the Chief (change it)?


It's not Aldmeri, is it?

There is no way to change it man. Create a new clan

How much gold do one need to unlock 'predatress'?

250k, one bank pack and they're yours

Do you guys know some promo codes for this game?

As far as I know developers haven't added them yet

Promo codes. This services working or not ?

not yet

In reading some of the comments, I don't agree that paying is the way forward. After all this I a game, and a game for kids more so, to encourage kids to pay is not Appropriate. I am sure parents would not want to read comments of that nature that you need to pay your way to succeed. Cause trust me, my son is level 14, and never paid a ££££££. Where is the fun if you cannot work your way up, instead of having a price on it and allowing other people to get rich at your expense.

I'm 27. Can't agree that this game for kids

I dont agree either. Its not a kids game. Majority of our clan members are over 25yrs of age and a few teens. This game was built for all ages.

Btw, its up to the ppl who decides to pay or not. I personally pay for the entertainment its money I can afford to spend. Parents are responsible for thier kids actions not the game or advertisement.

I am a 54 yr old lady and I love this game. I also kick butt

What is the best way to build up defenses in both hero and city?

My food is in red by 48m and no matter what I do it goes further into red even if I buy gold and I'm feeding troops I don't have access to yet what can I do? Can I fire the troops I don't have access to but are eating my food?

Use boosts for food production, craft epic or legendary Falcon Figurine and Golden Boar

Hi Guys,

I made a rooky mistake utilizing the novice relocation to move within the first given kingdom. Just tried to get familiar to the game. And now I can not move to another Kingdom cause I dont have any novice relocation left. I tried by purchasing relocation, but still it does not work
Is there any way to go around this? I really want to move to another kingdom.

What palace level do you have? If it's under 5 level you can't relocate to another kingdom

I got a 2nd chance card you can use to reset your hero points. Has anyone used one? Do you lose anything using it or can you really reassign your point allocations?

You can use this item to make your hero prepared for war or for farming, for example putting points to the left or to the right branch of skills. You won't lose this points.

Hi everyone ! I'm French. So, if you can be very simple in your explanation ;)

* Here is my question:

- Can someone explain how to use "Hero Sets"?

- And after, Is it easy to change from a set to another one?

* Here is what I can answer by myself:
Currently, most of my points go in War Skills. I think i have to save this one in a set. And then, create a second set specialized in building and knowledge.
Am I right?

I'm open to all advices. So, I'm waiting your answers ;)

Alexicoco #153 / Ottaborg
(I've two slots available and I can have a third one)

Actually you need at least two sets for war: on defence of your troops and on offence. When you want to attack or onslaught, set your hero skills mostly to the offence of your troops. When you're running trap, set your hero skills firstly to the health, then defence and only after that to the offence. Also you need scout hero. There are a many ways to set your hero skills... Good luck my friend ;)

One more question.
Is it possible to know the influence of a Kingdom?




"Troops on a march (on resource tile for example) do not use food".

Is it right or not?

If YES => "The more often you have them on hunts the less food they consume".

What do you think about that?


Your troops always consume food. Doesn't matter if they are on tiles on in town.

Thx for this clear answer !

When you have reinforcement troops in your town, how is it possible to force them to quit your town when you want it?



Go to mead hall and send them back, but make sure that your clansmate is under the shield if he is offline

Is there anywhere that it's posted which kingdom has won the most kvk battles and which kingdom has lost the most?

I'm not sure that I can post links here... but I saw google doc on facebook official page. Maybe you sould ask ppl there

Hey! How is kvk going?) All of my troops are dead!

That's a shame mate, heal them up with rss and get ready for the next kvk.


Please, can someone say if a player sends reinforcements to another players town, what hero skills are in play? The towns hero, or the reinforcers hero?

Only the town's Hero skills.

When you send troops to reinforce do your troops maintain the skills of the hero sending or do they take on the skills of the hero in the jarl they were sent to?

The same thing, your troops depend on your Hero skill. ONLY!

Hey guys,

GANNON here guys, so I'm back and ohhh boy im big now he he, so please bring on the questions again and I will help anyway I can to help out the little guys and bigs he he.


My phone has battery problems so Im going to get another one. If I change phones will I have to restart the game? And Gannon what kingdom are you in?

What's your name on game, clan, kingdom and inf? I enjoyed all the tips m8

I am a level 23 with a level 53 hero. Besides using gold the fastest way that I have found to gain influence is to have your heroes skills maxed out on training 1, 2 and 3. I have 12 manors all at 21 or higher. During troop training events I train tier 4 and 5 troops because there is an additional 10% bonus during this event. I also wear invader training armour and train very fast. During non troop training events I train tier 1, 2 and 3 troops. I gain up to 5 million influence a week this way.

Thank you for the advice! I've placed it to the main article above.

When sending reinforcements to a clansmen do they get your hero boosts, or do they go off the hero of that location?

Hi Hellspawn,

From my understanding your troops get the stats of the hero thats in the town reinforcing.

This may has been asked before but if the second builder runs out of his game life time does he still continue with the task to the end? Same goes for the prophet. So if I start x2 5 weeks builds they will both work until the task is completed? Thank you!

Hi Stuck,

What you do is start 2 builds and when the builder is near run out boost the build then boom you can use the second builder again. ☺☺


Anyone know what the maximum influence is for knowledge?

Hi Desari,

It all depends what you mean, if you are talking max all of every knowledge what influ you get that's almost a mystery as only a few may have completed max all knowledge.


Hey Gannon! I've been reading all the messages! Great advices! What's your kingdom, clan and name?

Hi Jesse,

Im in kingdom 89 chief of Hyrulian Warriors.

Come a long way since febuary but more money and time to spend lol.

Platinum are ignoring me after the system froze and would'nt allow me to play game, I lost all troops resources influence, basically everything I spent months building up what is my comeback on them???

Hi John,

You need to keep contacting them mate, they will require screen shots of your in game to confirm its you. They do take some time to get back to anyone mate so just keep trying you will be compensated under consumer law as long as you have proof.


Hi all. Can anyone tell me if I can raise a shield if I have an incoming attack?

Of course, you should do it. This is the easiest way to protect yourself from an attack, if you have the item

I've been trying to research the frequency of gold package deals. Recently created new accounts on a new world and seen this excellent green 317k gold package (99.99) marked down to 19.99. Will this package go down if I don't buy it? It's the Novice pack with the contents of like 3 317k gold packages.

Hey, my question is if I will buy a package which is 4.99$ and it's content is 40,000 gold, and a profit of +467,000 gift of gold. Can I just use the gift of gold instead of sending it as a gift to my clansmate or it is only intended to gift?

What's the best way to win? My clan can't decide if attacking tiles or no time attacking is the best strat. What is the best way to win? I think giving them resurrection points is stupid. But many either disagree with me or are unsure. Thanks in advance!

I want to return to level 5 on an account that is currently level 6. I have demolished level 6 farms. Now what's next?

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to boost my defenses and win in a attack. Every attack has happen while I am offline. Is there a way to protect my town and troops from this? I believe I've lost against attackers 10 times in a row.

Is it possible to send troops to attack somebody and raise shield before they arrive the other player???
I saw this two times and I'm wondering about that...

Why when you chat on daily chat it sometimes shows a different time to the time you have posted a message? Sometimes I send one at 16.00 and it will show as 10.07?

This is probably an easy fix... Earlier when going for resources my troops where in gray, now when going for resources they are in red and looks like a big target. How do I get them back to gray?

The march looks red only to you.

Hi, is total defense more important than total health? Say one equipment give 20 on total defense, another give 20 on total health, which one is better?

No matter how many troops I have I loose whenever anyone attacks. How do I build defence? It's to the point where I have dropped most production to just have food generated to support mass troops but all the effort is wasted as I get hit again. How do I check my strength and how to defend? Please don't say buy. Milatary truce. Thank you!

Does someone know if there are dedicated iOS servers and Android servers? My question is if I can play together with friends that run different OS?

Hi! In the beginning of the game I was getting around 207k for finishing a legendary task. After a while I dropped to 189k XP. And I can't get back to 207l. Why? And how to get back? If some1 has/had same problem and how he solved it? PLS

Just checking in to say hi guys, hope all are doing well

When attacking POP, do you send in your own troops or do an onslaught?

My suggestion would be to have the strongest players of your clan (best hero stats will get the best outcome) each form onslaughts. Simultaneously hit the POP with as many troops as possible. Make sure to use March enlargement boosts and March boosts as well. Also make sure the person leading the onslaught is close (but not too close) to the PoP. Hope this helps!

Hi Gannon,

I've been reading your posts and it's really helped out a lot. As of now, I'm palace level 17 with around 2.9M influence. I'm constantly learning new knowledge and upgrading the essentials but I'm curious, which is a more efficient way to gain influence at a good rate now? I understand upgrading and learning as big factors as well as army size. I'm working on T4 troops currently but is creating a bigger army smart despite the fact that your influence can be lost easier? Thanks!

My son got on the game and messed it up and I just want to start over but can't figure out how? Does anyone know how to star over?

I had to start over 3 times because I made a mistake when I was switching kingdoms.
The first time I screwed up. I used my iphone, made it through the tutorial, connected to facebook and overwrite my saved account.
Then I went to my currently using phone, and restored the data from facebook. ( Settings>account>Restore saved data>Facebook)

The second time, I used an Android emulator on my PC, to do the same steps.
And if you need another option, there are multiple emulators on the internet.
by example, Bluestacks, Andy,
Search google for more.

Does anyone know the maximum quantity of troops I can send on a single attack?? I've been seen attacks with more than a million units, how can I do that? (thought the maximum were 625k). Not talking about onslaughts, just single attacks, thanks!!

Has this happened to anyone? I sent my troops to a resource tile and they disappeared from the Odin Shrine reports. The tile has a green ring around it and the blue color on the level number, showing that it is occupied, but when I click on it, it says "Captured by another Jarl" with my name and avatar on it! Yes, I contacted support but there has not been time for them to get back to me yet.

This has happened to someone in my clan. We has someone drop out of the clan, hit the tile, and the troops were freed.

Hello all! Its been rumored that anyone holding the place of power in your kingdom has or is granted special powers, one of which is the most worrying is the ability to attack a shielded base, e.g. break that players shield. Is this a rumour or fact? Many thanks in advance!

My troops are slower than molasses and I cannot seem to improve that. I have upped the fleetness, but march speed is buried deep and will be a long time till I get to it. Other clan members troop march way faster than mine, but they haven't done the march speed up either, what am I doing wrong, and how can I fix it? I got left out of onslaughts cause my troop don't get to the rally fast enough, it is really making me unhappy, but I know its just a game, there has to be a solution??????

What level are the troops you are sending? If you are sending tier 5 troops they are ssloooowwwwww. You can use a 200% marching speed up if you have one or you can use a 50% march speed boosts to cut your march time.

I do not understand equipping heroes. I have a Lvl 19 hero, but he won't accept a Lvl 5 helmet???

Why is influence lost when you win attacks?

Are the stronghold res safe from attack? And also can the chief use them for training or upgrades?


If you buy a pack when will the same one reappear? If it does at all?

If we have a designated clan banker and rss are sent to him/HER, WOULD WE LOSE THE LOT IF HE JOINED ANOTHER CLAN?

Where can I find how many resources I can have maximum in my town?

I started this game a month ago and now I am level 21 because I am buying things

Does anyone know how long until packs drop for new accounts? I have had my newest account for 2 weeks and am growing anxious to buy packs but I want to wait until the $100 packs drop to $5.

I've looked and looked and I can't figure out how to build a war clan. I've got palace, mead and odin all at the same level... but don't get the option. Does it have to be a certain place — say one near the palace? Do I have to buy a bunch of war bonds first?


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