Vikings: War of Clans — Best troops to train?

Vikings: War of Clans

Question: In fact, I have a whole bunch of questions. From simple ones, for example, what knowledge is better to level up, what kind of troops should I strengthen etc. But more interesting questions are: how to know the ratio of attack and defence during the assault and single attacks? How and what bonuses are taken into account during assaults, because all players have armies with different power? Well, still a lot of other questions))

Answer from Lex: I'll try to answer... What knowledge and troops to upgrade is up you, it all depends on your goals. If I were in your place, I'd examine the forces of other players (usually it's one type of troops), and start to upgrade the antagonists. During the defences and attacks as far as I know, when you attack then only your attack bonus is valid and defence bonus is not taken into account. If you're under attack then you have only defence bonus. During an assault your army have bonuses of your hero... Something like that.


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