WarFriends — Friendly tips and tricks, useful secrets


WarFriends is a new mobile PvP game from Chillingo and About Fun. Your mission is to control a small squad that fights against squads of other players. You can win if you have the knowledge of combat strategy and tactics, the proper selection of troops and strong weapons. Battles will allow you to increase your rank, earn money and gold, as well as join squads of other players to fight for dominance in the game. We have prepared some tips and tricks for WarFriends!

How to win all the battles in WarFriends? These tips and secrets will help you:
• Don't underestimate the importance of defenders, they are very useful! So play them first!
• Look for your own game tactics: it can be aggressive raids on the enemy, or aimed fire from afar;
• Use your sniper rifle! If you learn how to use it, then it can create real problems for your enemies! Aim and shoot when they peek out from behind cover!
• Try to keep track of everything that happens on the battlefield. It would be great if you notice the position of the enemy's leader and shoot him. But also you should know the location of enemy soldiers so the rushers or grenadiers will never get close to you. At first this may seem difficult but eventually you will learn how to deal with it and will be able to control the situation;
• If you plan to use a sniper, make sure to tap your regular weapon to reload. Recharging usually takes a lot of time, so it is better to do it whenever you have free time.

How to earn money while playing WarFriends? Whenever possible try to watch ads that are shown by the app. This will allow you to obtain the funds needed for quite expensive upgrades. Watching ads will also let you get loot boxes and free WarCards.

The first thing you should do in WarFriends is to connect the game with your Facebook account. The game will not post anything on your page, and you get nice bonuses. Among these bonuses are the premium game currency and VIP status for 24 hours. It is quite enough to do powerful start!

Squads are similar to Alliances in other multiplayer mobile games. Try to join a squad as soon as possible. You will get a bonus of 50 of gold, as well as the ability to exchange WarCards with your teammates, earn squad points and BuddyCards together. Before you join a squad make sure that it is quite strong and active.


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