Zombie Anarchy — Undead guide, tips and tricks

Zombie Anarchy

Welcome to the zombie apocalypse that was shown in a lot of movies! In the new game Zombie Anarchy from Gameloft you have to become the head of a group of people and try to survive with them in the midst of zombies and hostile persons crowds. Game genre can be defined as survival strategy and you also have to think about how to protect and develop your camp. Read our tips and tricks for Zombie Anarchy!

At the beginning of the game you might want to attack other players (for a win you get a skull). It is better not to do it and start playing the story missions. Why? The fact is that if you start winning over other players it will increase the level of your base and other strong players will attack you. So try first to develop well, and only then begin to participate in battles with other players.

How to build a base in Zombie Anarchy? The most important thing is to have defensive towers and make them inaccessible for enemies. If it would be hard for an enemy to get close to them then you will likely win the battle. But how to achieve this? Place the towers behind the walls and if possible behind other buildings where a tower will be able to shoot at enemies. This trick will definitely help you in protection against enemy attacks.

Destroy zombies wandering near your base. To do this simply start tapping on them. As reward you can obtain tons of useful goodies. Very often this is required to complete daily quests and other missions.

Try to complete daily quests and participate in Special Events. For daily quests you can get free Bloodstones which are the most important currency in the game. Look what you need to complete a quest and start playing it. In the Special Events you need to consistently perform the missions. But a reward for them is even better!

An important part of the gameplay is upgrading, so do not forget about it. First of all start to improve defensive towers, then continue with your people and resource buildings, and only then start upgrading all the rest. Keep in mind how much materials needed for an upgrade you have. If you don't have enough then start to attack those areas where you can obtain missing materials as a reward.

During the attacks of other players first of all try to destroy their defensive towers and buildings. Unload your fighters at the maximum distance from the enemy to attract their defensive troops and destroy them in the first place. Then proceed to destroy buildings, moving from one to another.


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