Cut the Rope: Magic - Tasty tips, tricks and hints

Cut the Rope: Magic

Cut the Rope is one of the most popular game series for mobile platforms and developer ZeptoLab continues to make successful sequels. In the new game Cut the Rope: Magic cute monster Om Nom keep on solving puzzles in order to feast his favourite candies. To help him we prepared some tips and tricks for Cut the Rope: Magic!

Beat the Boss 4 - Cruel tips, tricks and hints

Beat the Boss 4

Beat the Boss 4 is the next part of a popular game series about beating (ugh!) hated bosses. And if in real life this is undesirable and extremely dangerous you can safely let steam off with this game. You'll have to teach a huge crowd of bosses using the most diverse weapons from your arsenal. Read our tips and tricks for Beat the Boss 4!

Gods of Rome - Mighty tips, tricks and hints

Gods of Rome

Gods of Rome is a top level fighting game from Gameloft. You choose some Olympus inhabitants as your fighters and show your strength to other gods. As you progress through the game you must constantly develop and improve your characters. Despite the fact that there are a lot of mobile games where famous characters have to sort things out with each other using fists, Gods of Rome has already found many fans. Why? Because the game is very exciting! Read our tips and tricks for Gods of Rome!

Pocket Troops - Tiny tips, tricks and hints

Pocket Troops

Pocket Troops is a funny family game where you've got to command a squad of tiny soldiers. It's quite natural that each of them has its own specialization and the player has to take care of the development of their characteristics. Also you shouldn't forget about upgrading weapons and also engage in battles with other players. Moreover there is a storyline in Pocket Troops whereby it's needed to defeat some bad guy. Read our tips and tricks for Pocket Troops!

Rayman Adventures - Jumpy tips, tricks and cheats

Rayman Adventures

Famous Rayman returns in a new game for mobile devices! Rayman Adventures is a new platformer for iOS and Android from Ubisoft. The main difference of Rayman Adventures from previous games of the series is that movement in this game is constant and there is no time to stop and think. Nevertheless this very exciting title will captivate not only Rayman fans but also casual gamers. Read our tips and tricks for Rayman Adventures!!

StormBorn: War of Legends - Fantasy tips, tricks and strategy guide

StormBorn: War of Legends

StormBorn: War of Legends is a MMO strategy game for iOS и Android. You've got to develop your kingdom, train army, invite heroes and of cause fight with other players which dream to get money that you have accumulated. There is a story line whereby you need to free lands of Eraine from Darkness. To make this task not so complicated read our tips and tricks for StormBorn: War of Legends!

Zoo Empire - How to make water?

Zoo Empire

Question: Does anybody know how to make water in aviary in Zoo Empire? If yes, please explain me! Thanks in advance!


Hopeless 2: Cave Escape - Saving tips, tricks and cheats

Hopeless 2: Cave Escape

Hopeless 2: Cave Escape is a fun riding&shooting game from Upopa where you play as yellow blob trying to save her(his) blob fellows from evil monsters. Game events are set in a cave and that's why cute heroes are fleeing from enemies with minecart. Only speed, right guns and our tips and tricks for Hopeless 2: Cave Escape will save you and your blobs!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes - Jedi tips, tricks and strategy guide

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Release of the new role-playing game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is timed to Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie first night. And there is no doubt that millions of Star Wars fans will love the game. In GoH you create your team and fight with Dark Force members. So if you'd like to know interesting features of gameplay then read our tips and tricks for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes!

Cities: Skylines - Road junctions

Question: I've built a huge road junction but the game constantly gives me warnings that the road is not connected. I've tried different ways searching for solution of this problem but no luck. Please explain me how to to build these road junctions properly?


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