Dead Space 3 - How to kill the spider?

Question: Does anybody know how to kill spider boss in 11th chapter? I tried everything and no luck! Please explain me!

Kill Shot Bravo - Explosive tips, tricks and strategy guide

Kill Shot Bravo

Kill Shot Bravo is a sequel of the popular sniper simulator Kill Shot from Hothead Games. You play as a top soldier participating in various missions including rendering harmless enemy base. Your sniper rifle is not your only weapon, you'll also kill enemies with shotguns and machine guns. And of cause for completing missions you earn medals, gold and bucks you can spend on buying new weapons and upgrading existing ones. So if you'd like to know how to make your gameplay more easy then read our tips and tricks for Kill Shot Bravo!

Real Boxing 2 CREED - Stunning tips, tricks and strategy guide

Real Boxing 2 CREED

Real Boxing 2 CREED is a boxing simulator which is set in famous Rocky Balboa universe. You play as Adonis Johnson, son of Rocky Balboa's friend Apollo Creed. The main character decides to become a boxer but on his way to the champion title he must participate in a great number of boxing matches. Of cause he'll get help from his coach Rocky Balboa and you'll get help from our tips and tricks for Real Boxing 2 CREED!

Eternal Arena - Real tips, tricks and strategy guide

Eternal Arena

Eternal Arena is a role playing game from NetEase for Android and iOS. This game has stunning visuals and very absorbing gameplay. You'll visit a lot of gaming locations, fight with enemies, collect and upgrade weapons. One of main Eternal Arena's features is that it has 35 playable game characters. And don't say it's not enough! And of cause there is an own story line in the game. Read our tips and tricks for Eternal Arena!

Black and White - Artifact

Do you know how to make an Artifact in Black and White? In this small article we'll explain you how to set up your own one.

Mount & Blade: Warband - How to make peace?

Question: Hello! I can't bury the hatchet with a kingdom, I'm told that I'm a vassal without a seignior and no state will agree to make peace with me... What should I do?

Swordigo - How to take the chest?

Question: My problem is that I can't progress in the game after I killed shooting bird. What should I do now? How to take the chest where there is a pink clod from above? And how do I get up where I see pink clod in ice location?


Mount & Blade: Warband - How to become a marshal?

Question: Greetings! I wonder how do I get rank of kingdom marshal? What should I level up and do? Thanks in advance!

Farm Heroes Saga - Bugs problem

Question: I can't beat level 492. The problem is in the bugs. I can't understand how to take them away? Please help!

Dead Space 3 - Rock climbing jump

Question: In 13th chapter I can't jump over cleft while Isaac is climbing on the rope. I'm stuck! Please help me and explain what should I do?!


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