Swamp Attack - Beaver boss

Question: Hello! Please explain me how to defeat big beaver? This is 18th level, 1 episode. I've been suffering for a week!

Addition from Alin: For a week? I've been suffering for a year! I have 180 Uzis, 396 of M15, 17 fridges, 29 of Molotov cocktails and 35 bombs, shotgun is upgraded to the max! I tried everything and still can't beat him!

Swordigo - Where is the key in Frozen Temple?

Question: After I got 4th magic in Frozen Temple I can't find the key to go further. I read a walkthrough and it seems that I have to buy the key but it is absent in my shop. Where can I take the key?


Shadow Fight 2 - Tips, tricks and strategy guide for victory

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an extremely popular fighting (ugh!) game from Nekki. You play as Shadow and fight various bosses and their bodyguards. The main advantages of this game are nice graphics, realistic fights physics and exciting gameplay. It's not so easy to beat such bosses as Lynx, Titan, Hermit, Wasp and so on and that's why you should read our tips and tricks for Shadow Fight 2!

Hay Day - Thanks letter

Question: Every day I help 10-15 gamers with the steamboat, treat their withered trees but the next day I get only 5 'thank you' letters with gift card. Why? May be some of them are bad and don't wand to send letters? Does every letter contain a gift card? Could you please explain me?


Mount & Blade: Warband - How to recruit lords?

Question: So I've become a king. A friend of mine told me that's easy to recruit vassals but I can't hire any. Please explain me how can I do it?

Hay Day - How to start a new farm?

Quesiton: How to delete (or reset) game progress in my iPad? I transfered my game to another device and my daughter wants to start the game from scratch...


Shadow Fight 2 - How to defeat Lynx?


Question: Hello! I can't beat Lynx! As for me it seems almost impossible! With all my attacks I can't do some damage to him! Please help me and explain how to fight against this boss?

Smashy Road: Wanted - Tips and tricks for successful driving

Smashy Road: Wanted is a kind of branch of Crossy Road universe. You drive a car and try to make as much damage as possible in peaceful and calm city. But you should beware of cops because they'll do anything to stop you! Doesn't this remind you something? Yes, it's very similar to Grand Theft Auto with cartoonish graphics and simplified gameplay. Well, to be precise, to the very first GTA. It only seems that the game is easy to play, so read our tips and tricks for Smashy Road: Wanted!

Castle Clash - Boss Fight

Question: How do I fight at the Guild Hall? I'm waiting for your answers!

Mount & Blade: Warband - How to become a king?

Question: Help me please! I've established my state and destroyed Northern kingdom but I was not recognized as a king. How do I confirm myself as a king?


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