Minions Paradise - Yellow tips, tricks and strategy guide

Minions are on the crest of the wave now because of popular animated series and mobile games about these funny yellow creatures. And there is no doubt that Minions Paradise will be extremely popular as well. In Minions Paradise minion Phil accidentally sinks a cruise ship with his friends. They get to an island and Phil has to vindicate himself and create the best resort in the world with your help. And you two have to put a lot of efforts in it. To make your gameplay more simple we'd recommend you to read our tips and tricks for Minions Paradise!

Hay Day - How to get planks?

Question: I extremely need to upgrade silo storage. I have enough nails and so on (and even sell out surpluses), but I fail with planks. Where do I get them? I watch newspaper updates for hours and was lucky to get only couple of offers. My silo storage is bursting at the seams and I don't know where to keep the harvest!


Castle Clash - Spirit Mage

Question: Hello! Please explain me where can I get Spirit Mage? What should I do?

Mount & Blade: Warband - Brave tips, tricks and strategy guide

Mount & Blade: Warband is a simulator of medieval life from Turkish developer TaleWorlds. The game is not very new but nevertheless is still very popular. We have some interesting tips, tricks and cheats for Mount & Blade: Warband and we're sure that you don't know some of them!

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution - Fun tips, tricks and strategy guide

Mino Monsters 2: Evolution is a sequel of popular role playing game Mino Monsters from Mino Games. Gameplay would remind you games where you have to raise dragons or monsters, feed them, evolve and increase their level by participating in battles. Moreover you can find unpleasant enemies Grublings here. It's interesting to note that game has great quality of animation. And we'd like to share our cheats and secrets for Mino Monsters 2: Evolution that will certainly help you to progress in the game.

Shop Heroes - Fabulous tips, tricks and strategy guide

Shop Heroes is a quite captivating game for iOS and Android offering you an opportunity to become a shopkeeper. Game story takes place in fantasy Kingdom of Aragonia and it means that your shop will be very unusual! A player has to hire employees, train them, craft items for heroes and send these heroes to complete quests. Moreover in Shop Heroes you can change shop's look, collect and unlock bonuses and even trade with other fellow players! We hope that our tips and tricks for Shop Heroes will make your gameplay even more interesting!

Castle Clash - How to change heroes?

Question: Greetings! How do I change one hero from base to another? I can't understand!

Hay Day - How to join a neighborhood?

Question: I can't understand what should I do to join a neighborhood? Please explain me!


Hungry Shark Evolution - Top Secret Lab

Question: Please explain me how do I find Top Secret Las where I'll be able to breed new sharks?

Hay Day - Lobster fishing

Question: Anybody knows how to catch lobsters? My pond is repaired but it's required to spend 45000 coins for upgrade. I thought that lobsters will be in my pond after the repair but I was wrong. I've already spent 90000 coins and two days for the repair!!! How much money do I have to spent to get the only lobster tail???



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