Castle Clash - How to get legendary heroes?

Question: Greetings! How do I get legendary hero which can't be bought for crystals?

Hungry Shark Evolution - Crab Lair

Question: How do I open the cave with crab? Everything was ok but now it won't open. I swim to the lair over and over again but it's closed and isn't seen on the map. I have Hammerhead shark already! Help me!

Clash of Clans - Armor-piercing tips, tricks and strategy guide

Clash of Clash of Clans is a popular MMO strategy from Finnish company Supercell. It's interesting to note that Supercell spend a lot of means to promote Castle Clash and you have certainly seen this game's funny commercials. Read our tips and tricks for Clash of Clans!

Need For Speed: No Limits - High-speed tips, tricks and strategy guide

Need For Speed: No Limits is the next chapter in popular racing simulators series Need For Speed from Electronic Arts. Gamers have to participate on races, beat up rivals, upgrade cars and earn reputation and gold. Read our tips and tricks for Need For Speed: No Limits that without fail will help you win in this game!

Hay Day - How to catch foxes?

Question: I've spent a lot of resources and time planting fruit trees and bushes. I think it caused foxes outbreak at my garden-plot. They look cute but I suspect that they impudently steel my berries. How do I catch them? Will I get experience stars for that?


Castle Clash - Powerful tips, tricks and strategy guide

Castle Clash is an extremely popular MMO strategy game for iOS and Android from developer Crowds of gamers fight for supremacy every day so be sure that without our tips and tricks for Castle Clash you won't get success!

Hungry Shark Evolution - Kempy Bass

Question: Please explain me or show on the map how do I find Mythical Kempy Bass in this game? I'm searching for a long time but still can't locate him!

Hay Day - Our fertile tips, tricks and strategy guide

Hay Day is a popular farming simulator from Supercell. You plant trees, grow up plants, gather in the harvest and so on. The game is not difficult but it doesn't mean that we can't offer some tips and tricks for Hay Day!


Hungry Shark Evolution - Large-toothed tips, tricks and cheats

Hungry Shark Evolution is a very popular shark simulator from Future Games of London. In this game you start to play as a small shark but after eating sea dwellers, careless swimmers and beach vacationists you become larger and larger. You main enemies are other sharks and dangerous sea creatures. Read our tips and secrets for Hungry Shark Evolution!

The Walking Dead: Road to Survival - Tips, tricks and cheats Undead won't like

Do you like The Walking Dead comic series and TV show with the same name? If yes there are good news for you. Game developer Scopely presents "The Walking Dead: Road to Survival" for Android and iOS. There is a cocktail of genres in this game: you'll find city-building simulator, roleplayng and MMO elements. You control group of survivors, create alliances, fight with competitors, build up your town, collect food and materials and attack towns of other gamers. We hope that our tips and tricks will help you to progress in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival!


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