Vikings: War of Clans - Tips, tricks and cheats recommended by Loki & Odin

Vikings: War of Clans

If you've already played and loved Total Domination from Plarium then you should take a look at Vikings: War of Clans from the same company. Like in other MMO games you have to build your kingdom, fight with other gamers and lead your people to the wealth and prosperity. Read our tricks and tips for Vikings: War of Clans that will help you to progress in this game!

Deer Hunter 2016 - Bulletproof tips, tricks and strategy guide

Get ready for the new hunting season! Deer Hunter 2016 is the next part of the popular huntung simulators series from Glu Games. Prepare your weapons and start traveling different countries of the world to chase virtual animals. There are new weapons upgrades, better graphics and more exciting gameplay in DH2016. Read our Deer Hunter 2016 tips and tricks that will help you to beat hard missions of the game!

Shadow Fight 2 - The Eclipse

Question: I've defeated Lynx. Now I have to beat Hermit, but there are no sun in the first location. What should I do? I want The Eclipse! Is it bug or should I do something special? I haven't had a fight with a man offering to battle with him (I was told by the game that is "impossible). My level is 7.

Shadow Fight 2 - How to defeat Butcher?

Question: How to beat Butcher in the 3rd act? What tactics should I use?

Shadow Fight 2 - How to block attacks?

Question: Greetings! How to block enemies strikes? I wonder how do I do it on tablet? I hope you help me!

Clash of Kings - Traps

Question: How do traps work? Everything is clear with soldiers but there is one question - how to compare soldiers with traps? For example, is level 1 trap equal to level 1 soldier? Or it doesn't matter?

Shadow Fight 2 - How to defeat Hermit?

Question: How to defeat Hermit in the 2nd act? How to beat him? Are there any tactics or secrets?

Shadow Fight 2 - What would become after shogun?

Question: What would become after I defeat shogun? Is there a continuation? And if you won level 36 please let me know what would happen later?

Treasure Diving - Hermit crab

Question: How do I find hermit crab? And what does small coffret mean?

Treasure Diving - How to ask for resources?

Question: Greetings! Please explain me how to ask resources from friends if there are no gifts icon?


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