Sky Force Reloaded — Quick-firing cheats, tips and tricks

Sky Force Reloaded

If you like flying ship shooters then you certainly know Sky Force 2014 where a player had to control fantastic space ship and shoot everything in its path. But time does not stand still, so meet Sky Force Reloaded, the sequel of the successful game! In SFR you get a pretty weak aircraft and have to upgrade it, complete game levels, fight with bosses and save people. Read our tips and tricks for Sky Force Reloaded!

Smile Inc — Tips, tricks and cheats that will not you fail

Smile Inc

Smile Inc is a runner game where you have to play as a character trying to overcome the ordinary problems of office life. Among these problems are traps, circular saws, mines, sharks, etc. It is difficult to live in the office, whatever you say. But the reward will be a cup of coffee giving you new strength. This game is incredibly complicated, so read our tips and tricks for Smile Inc!


Best Fiends Forever — Anti-slime tips, tricks and cheats

Best Fiends Forever

Best Fiends Forever is a clicker game from mobile developer Seriously. We can not say that this is a direct sequel of the blockbuster puzzle Best Fiends, because all you need to do in the new game is just to tap your finger across the screen. A lot of gamers were disappointed by the genre of the new game and you can find them complaining in Google Play and AppStore. Nevertheless, it is a quite bright game, and it is possible that you will like it. Especially because the insects are still very cute! Gameplay is extremely simple but nevertheless we have some tips, tricks and and secrets for Best Fiends Forever.

Disney Enchanted Tales — Magic tips, tricks and cheats

Disney Enchanted Tales

Not so long ago players could build their own kingdom in Disney Magic Kingdoms, and now they can start building kingdoms in Disney Enchanted Tales. What is the difference? In the new game the main characters are famous Disney princesses — Bella, Rapunzel and Elsa — main heroes of Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen. We have some tricks, tips and secrets for Disney Enchanted Tales, so do not wait and read them now!

Gods of Rome — Best tesm

Gods of Rome

Question: How do I organize the best team in Gods of Rome? What should I? I am waiting for your answers and hope that you will help me with this!

Plants vs Zombies Heroes — Deck guide, cards secrets, tips and tricks about how to win

Plants vs Zombies Heroes

Plants vs Zombies is a well-known tower defence game that is beloved by a lot of players. In the game with the help of plants you need to protect a garden house from the invasion of zombies. Now PvZ developers decided to experiment with Card Collecting Game genre, and presents Plants vs Zombies Heroes. We believe that new game will have the same success as the predecessor. How to play Plants vs Zombies Heroes? How to build a good and strong deck? Got stuck? Then read our tips, tricks and secrets for Plants vs Zombies Heroes!

How to win in Shuffle Cats? Our guide with tips and tricks for players

Shuffle Cats

Shuffle Cats is a game from King that is well known for various "saga" games. But this time the gameplay has nothing to do with blocks or balls, and you are invited to play a Rummy card game. You do not know the rules and have troubles? You do not know how to win? Then read our tips and guide for Shuffle Cats!

DragonSoul — Tips, tricks, secrets and guide for dragonfighters


DragonSoul is a mobile role-playing game from the Perblue Inc. The main feature of the game is that it's very funny and humorous. Your goal is to kill the evil dragon Umlaut and save all whom he imprisoned in SoulStones. Read our tips, tricks and secrets for DragonSoul!


FIFA Mobile — Money guide, tips, tricks and secrets

FIFA Mobile

Do you like football and FIFA football series from Electronic Arts? Then meet FIFA Mobile, which will surely enjoy the owners of smartphones and tablets. As in the "big" versions of FIFA you manage a team, buy and sell players, train them and of course participate in football matches. Read our tricks, tips and secrets for FIFA Mobile!

Hungry Shark World — Bloodthirsty tips, tricks and secrets

Hungry Shark World

Hungry Shark World is a sequel of the popular Hungry Shark Evolution. The goal of the new game remains the same, and you still have to eat as much as possible of what surrounds you. The more you eat, the bigger will be your shark. And the bigger will be your shark, the larger food you can swallow. How to become a super predator? Read our tips, tricks and secrets for Hungry Shark World!


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