Treasure Diving - How to find portal?

Question: I can't find portal (parts of this portal we raised in the Old Road expedition). It's told in quest that to build portal I have to search for it in my area. But I can't find it! Radar doesn't help.

Treasure Diving - Kraken Rum

Question: How do I get two bottles of Kraken rum? I can't defeat him with truncheon, what should I do? Please help!

Treasure Diving - Rare Animal Store

Question: How can I get rare animal store in this game? Specifically I need Paunchy Flatfish! :)

Nono Islands - Out best tips & tricks just for you

Nono Islands is a new platformer game with a lot of puzzles. Gameplay is quite simple (it's a screen tapping game) but very addictive. Gamer must search for treasures, collect different bonuses and avoid dangerous obstacles. Read our tips and secrets for Nono Islands!

If your character is not very adroit he'll end up falling into the water. But if you're very quick there is a chance to avoid sinking! When you understand that your character is falling immediately make swipe down as you'd like to move back. If you make if fast you character will jump back to the previous tile.

Angry Birds 2 - 5 Star Strategy Guide With Cheats and Secrets

Like other popular mobile games Angry Birds 2 has special livemeter. You loose a life if you die in this game and don't loose if you win. If you lost all your lives then you have to wait some time for lives restoration. But there is a fast way to get them back! Close the game, go to the settings and set the time ahead by two and a half hours. Then go back to the game and you'll see that you have all your lives! Close the game again, open settings and set the correct time. In game you'll see that your earned this way lives are still with you.

Clicker Heroes - Fantastic Strategy Guide With Cheats and Secrets

This game has an end. Or, something like this. You won't be clicking harder and harder enemies until end of times. The game finishes at level 140. After this there is 'reboot' and gameplay starts again. And if you got stuck on level 60 which seems for you to be impossible to beat then relax because the game will become more easy to play.

Mount & Blade: Warband - What to do with captured lords?

Question: What should I do with captive lords? Middleman doesn't buy them, he takes only wounded ones. And when they get healthy I can't do anything with them, neither sell nor let them go. King and their subjects don't respond to this situation.

Fallout Shelter - A+ Strategy Guide With Some Tips & Tricks

Don't be afraid of death because it's not so dangerous. What does that mean? During Fallout Shelter gameplay you can revive your dead dwellers for few thousand caps (in-game currency). Don't worry you won't loose all your money because you reach 999.999 caps limit very soon. If your shelter is under attack of unpleasant enemies don't furiously tap your dwellers to give them medkits. It's not a problem that some of your dwellers are dead because caps will help you to get them out of non-existence.

Far Cry 4 - How to get z93

Would you like to get a z93 weapon in the beginning of the game? After first mission you can find the weapon in one of bell towers on a border of North and South. You must kill snipers and take their weapon. The bell tower is the one that is the closest to the border.


Far Cry 4 - How to get to the tower

Do you have some problems with towers in this game? There is a simple solution! You can easily get to a tower by helicopter!



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