Dead Ahead - Beware of witches!

If you're about to get caught by zombies then you should fire back. If your weapon is recharging you've got to to accelerate and hide between cars. Beware of witch because there will be only one notification about her appearance, and after that you can realize that she is running only by her scream. She can easily hide behind other zombies.


Hay Day - How to get Rabbit?

Question: I've got information that there is a rabbit in the game and he can be bought. Please tell me where and how can I buy him?


Shadow Fight 2 - Boss weapons

Question: Hello! How can I get weapons of Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow, Shogun and Titan? Please explain me!

Shadow Fight 2 - How to beat Wasp?

Question: How to beat Wasp in SF2?

Shadow Fight 2 - How to beat Titan?

Question: Greetings! Please explain me how can I beat up Titan with his own weapon? I can't understand!

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - TIE Bombers

For destroying frigates and disabling shields in space it's better to use TIE bombers, but for destroying antennas they are not so good. TIE bombers are also ok against engines and captain's bridge. Don't use them against life-support systems because bombs fall down and life-support items are on the ship's bottom. Sometimes you can use fighters against sensor relay (it depends on relay's location).

XCOM: Enemy Unknown - How to launch a satellite?

Question: Help me to to solve a problem with satellite launch! I choose country, but after that I'm told that there are not enough modules. What does that mean? What should I do? Help me because I'm stuck and can't progress in the game!

Answer: Just build a satellite module and then you'll be able to launch satellites!

Borderlands 2 - How to get golden keys?

Question: With pre-order of Borderlands 2 I got a golden key. It was stupid, but I used it at one. For the key I got a low level item. What I have now - my key disappeared and the item is useless for me. Is there any way to get another key?

Clash of Kings - Our Strategy Guide With Some Tips & Tricks

Clash of Kings

Clash of Kings from developer Elex Wireless is one of the most popular MMO strategies today. It occupies top in Android and iOs charts and millions of gamers fight for glory and prosperity in Clash of Kings. It not very easy to achieve success in this game, so read our strategy guide that will help you to progress in the medieval world of Clash of Kings.

Nitro Nation Online - Top Tips and Tricks for Best Racers

Nitro Nation Online is a sequel to the popular Nitro Nation mobile racing franshise. Like in previous game you drive your car, win (or loose) races, upgrade engine and other parts, buy boosters and so on. The main difference is that now you can participate in multiplayer races with other gamers! Your rivals are very strong so read our Nitro Nation Online tips and tricks for better racing!



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