Coco Party Dancing Queens - The Real Tips and Tricks You'll Like

Coco Party Dancing Queens is a fascinating dancing game where your success depends on how well you follow the music rhythm. Main character Coco visits clubs and participate in dance competitions with other girls. Moreover in this game you can get a lot of chances to change her costumes and decorate her with vivid makeup. It's not so easy to win in the game, at least I couldn't get over good third. Nevertheless I found few secrets in Coco Party Dancing Queens that will make the gameplay more easy.

Spider-Man: Friend or Foe - How to unlock all webs

If you're impatient and would like to open all Spider-Man's webs then go to the game folder and open gameplay.ini file with Notepad (don't forget to make a backup copy). Edit the file and you'll get all webs and increased strike wave.

Sunnyville Fluffy Salon - Awesome Tips and Tricks You Never Knew

Sunnyville Fluffy Salon is a beautiful game where you have to groom and treat your beloved pets. You get a lot of tools that can help you to make your pets well-groomed and fun. The game has vivid visuals and gameplay is quite simple. Nevertheless we have some Sunnyville Fluffy Salon tips and tricks that will help your animals look awesome!


Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin - 5 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

MMO strategies are extremely popular these days and Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin from Space Ape Games is going to win gamers love. Do you remember what should you do? Yes, of course. Like in rival (oops) games you build and develop you base, train the army and fight with numerous enemies. The game has excellent graphics and if you're into the MMO strategies you'll definitely spend a lot of time with Rival Kingdoms. We hope that our tips and tricks for Rival Kingdoms: Age of Ruin will help you to progress in this game!

Might and Magic 7: For Blood and Honor - Corner strike

You can use spells like rock blast, sparks, and toxic cloud to bounce around corners, and kill monsters that haven't seen you yet.

Driver 3 - Best car

If you got to the airport in Nice, there is a building with big red doors on (it's near the end of the run way), go to the first door and it will open. In there is the best car you can get in Nice!

Driver 3 - Map glitch

Also, when in Nice, go to the airport. While driving down the access ramp (furthest to the right of the airport), drive onto the grass of the right, and you will fall off the map, and onto a small patch of grass, from where you can look up at the city. To return to the main map, simply drive of this patch of grass.

Driver 3 - Fun engine glitch

With immunity on, shoot at a cars engine untill it starts to burn (black smoke), then quickly jump into the car. You will find there is no engine or tire noise!

Swamp Attack - How to win difficult levels

If you got stuck on a difficult level, go back to previous levels and save up some money. First of all spend money on mines. You can also save up money for minigun, nuclear bomb and stinky bomb because you can get them only for coins.

Armies of Exigo - How to destroy catapults

If you're tired of enemy catapults, then take sword-bearers and send them to the catacombs. Ask the miners and they will dig out a way to the catapults.


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