Army Men RTS - Units

Snipers have the best visibility, and anti-aircraft gunners have the best supporting distance. Use snipers for discovering enemy's buildings. Anti-aircraft gunners are good in destroying buildings. Create 3 medics for effective medication. The heroes in this game are hard to destroy and difficult to treat.

Crysis 3 - Armor mode

When the armor mode is enabled and you're about to be hit by grenade - don't worry because it won't bring you any damage.

Mount and Blade: Warband - How to become a king

So, you'd like to become a king but don't have Right to Rule? There's a solution! Attack any of caravans and then go to the king asking for peace. Then attack farmers. You'll get #9 Right to Rule after every attempt. To become a king you need at least #50 Right to Rule, so you should make 6 attempts.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - How to destroy helicopter with one shot

To destroy the helicopter with one shot (not from bazooka) you should take a sniper rifle and shoot the propeller. More exactly, aim the junction between propeller and the helicopter.

Smash Hit - Multiball

It's better to restart level if you loose multiball. In some cases you can't go far without it. To avoid loosing multiball try not to miss crystals and don't encounter obstacles.

Shadow Fight 2 - How to make more damage

First of all try to make two punches with your legs on enemy's legs. Then when he'll start to get up try to hit he's head with your weapon. This way you can make 3x or even 4x damage!

Dead Island - Adjustable spanner

After completing quest given you by survivor Dominic (finding of an amplifier in the lighthouse's warehouse) go to the lifeguard tower where Sinamoi and the rest of survivors are. Here near antennas you can find a free adjustable spanner!

Dead Island - Pistol ammo

In a broken police car near hotel there is a small pack of pistol ammo.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions - Suits

After changing costumes you can get a bonus:
Noir gives +10 damage,
2099 gives +25 speed,
Ultimate givies +19 flight,
Amazing gives +25 damage.

State of Decay - Huge zombie

If you meet a huge zombie then rush home because he wouldn't squeeze through a door.


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