Top Eleven Football Manager — How to get free tokens?

Top Eleven Football Manager

Question: I want more tokens! How do I earn them in this game? Do you know honest ways? Because the ones that I found in some sites are fake...

Dan The Man — Old school tips, tricks and secrets

Dan The Man

Mobile games developer Halfbrick Studios is well known for such hits as Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Today Halfbrick Studios presents its new game Dan The Man, which will also enjoy players. This time you have to jump, run and do what usually platformer games heroes do. The game storyline take place in a brightly colored pixelated world. Dan The Man is not a simple title, and therefore we recommend you to read our tips, tricks and secrets for this game!

Last Empire-War Z — Undead tips, tricks and strategy guide for your survival

Last Empire-War Z

Last Empire-War Z is a mix of massively multiplayer online role-playing strategy and base management simulator. You find yourself in a world filled with zombies, and your goal is to build a base, defend against enemies and reconquer the world. This mission will become more easy once you join an alliance with other players. But be careful because you'll be attacked not only by zombies, and the main danger will come from competing human alliances. Read our tips and tricks, as well as secrets for Last Empire: War Z!

Drive Ahead — Tips, tricks and cheats that will destroy your opponent

Drive Ahead

Drive Ahead is a quite simple but addictive game. And the game is extremely popular (more than 10 millions players can be wrong). The main task is to manage your car and destroy the enemies. The game has a lot of stages, cars, obstacles and traps. Boldly drive into the arena to fight with opponents, but first of all read our hints, tips and tricks for Drive Ahead!

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot — Really hot tips, tricks and cheats

Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot

There are a lot of „collect three in a row“ games for Android and iOS, but Frozen Free Fall from the Disney is one of the most popular. Now guys from Disney decided to create a Peggle clone, where you need to shoot a ball and thereby clean the playing area. So now you can enjoy Frozen Free Fall: Icy Shot. It would seem that everything is quite simple, but we strongly recommend you to read our tricks, hints and tips for Free Fall: Icy Shot.

Vector 2 — Rapid tips, tricks and cheats that won't let you fall

Vector 2

Vector 2 is a platformer game from Nekki (the company that created a mobile fighting game of all time Shadow Fight 2). And you will surely note that these games are graphically similar. The advantages of Vector 2 include elaborate and impressive game world, exciting gameplay and interesting levels. Do you have problems with Vector 2? Then read our tips and tricks for this game!


Narcos: Cartel Wars — Tips, tricks and cheats for drug lord wannabes

Narcos: Cartel Wars

Narcos: Cartel Wars is a game based on the Narcos TV-series, which tells the life story of the famous Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. And now you can also try to become the leader of a drug cartel, and it is completely safe! The game is a massively multiplayer online strategy, and if you have already played similar games you probably can easily get into the gameplay. Nevertheless we advise you to read our tips and tricks for Narcos: Cartel Wars.

Throne: Kingdom at War — Medieval tips, tricks and cheats

Throne: Kingdom at War

Mobile games developer Plarium is known as the creator of such hit as the Vikings: War of Clans. New game Throne: Kingdom at War from Plarium is also online multiplayer strategy, but this time story line is bounded with medieval age. Like in other similar games you need to develop your kingdom, complete quests, fight with opponents and strive for global dominance. Read our tricks, hints and tips for Throne: Kingdom at War!

Monster Super League — Useful tips, tricks and cheats

Monster Super League

Are you tired of pokemons and other digimons? Then let's meet with astronomers, ugh, astromoms, ugh, astromons, who are the heroes of Monster Super League! Genre of Monster Super League can be described as «collecting turn-based role-playing game». You have to to collect astromons, train them and of course participate in battles with opponents. Even if you have played similar games, we recommend you to read our advices, tips and tricks for Monster Super League.

Need for Speed: Underground 2 — No more races on the map

Need for Speed: Underground 2

Question: What should I do if there are no races on the map? I feel stuck and do not know what to do! Help me please! Thanks in advance!


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