Lep's World 3 — How to defeat troll?

Lep's World 3

Question: Does anybody know how to defeat the troll on the 3rd level? He does not react on pine cones... :((( I can not find a way to beat him! Please help!

Asphalt 8: Airborne — How to open cards?

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Question: How do I open card packs? More specifically, where to open them? I have just won them and I do not know how to open...

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army — How to kill Occult General?

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army

Question: How can I kill Occult General? I can't manage to do it! Or may be there is a cheat to defeat him? I hope you'll help me!

Clash of Queens — Not another sissy tips, tricks and strategy guide

Clash of Queens

Clash of Queens is a massively multiplayer online strategy for iOS and Android from ELEX Wireless, the company behind such popular games like Clash of Kings and Magic Rush: Heroes. In this game you have to become an empress, create your kingdom, raise a dragon and fight against numerous monsters and other players for power in the gaming world. Read our advices, tips and tricks for Clash of Queens!

Lords Mobile — Helpful tips, tricks and cheats

Lords Mobile

Lords Mobile is a multiplayer online strategy game from IGG, the company you may know for such hits as Castle Clash and Clash of Lords 2. The main difference of the new game is that now you can capture new territories and run some constructions there. In addition you have to recruit heroes, train the army and fight against numerous enemies. How to beat them? Read our tips and tricks for Lords Mobile!

Stronghold Crusader — Medieval tips and tricks for noble gamers

Stronghold Crusader

Stronghold Crusader is a quite old but still extremely popular strategy simulator from Firefly Studios. The company released a lot of games in 'Stronghold' franchise but SC seems to be the most beloved by players. We have tons of tips and tricks for this game and this article is going to be the first one in a series. So, let's start!

Stronghold Crusader — Cheat codes

Stronghold Crusader

Cheat codes for Stronghold Crusader. In the main menu press Shift + Alt + A to enable cheat mode. Now during the game press:
Alt + C to unlock all missions.
Alt + K to make buildings free of charge.
Alt + X to get 100 of gold and 100 of popularity.

Driver: San Francisco — ASYM Desanne

Driver: San Francisco

Question: I'm interested in a very strange car, I saw it in the "Real Police Work" mission. The car is called ASYM Desanne. Anybody know how to get this mysterious car???

Ark of War — Space cheats, tips and tricks

Ark of War

Ark of War is an online multiplayer space game for Android and iOS from Seven Pirates. You manage a space colony, and your goal is to defeat all your opponents (other players), as well as gain control over resources. You can play alone, but you can also join any alliance. In order to make the path to victory easier read our tips and tricks for Ark of War!


Shadow Fight 2 — Keys

Shadow Fight 2

Question: Help me! I'm stuck! Where do I find keys for fights in dungeon? I was told that when there will be no keys then I'll get 5 keys again. But it doesn't happen!


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