Real Racing 3 — Car codes

Real Racing 3

Question: I read that if you enter the code in Real Racing 3 settings then you can get bonus cars or open additional locations. Has anyone tried such codes? I found the code for the Porsche 911 CARRERA, but I don't use it because I'm afraid to lose the achievements. Maybe you can share some other codes for cars?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted — How to enter cheats?

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Question: How do I enter cheats in Need for Speed: Most Wanted? And where should I do it? I have been thinking for two weeks and still can't understand. Please explain me how to activate these cheats! I'll be very grateful!

Game Dev Tycoon — How to make a perfect game?

Game Dev Tycoon

Question: Does anyone know how to make a game for all 10s? Because I can't create such a good game. I need your advice, please share! Or maybe there is a cheat for this?

Hay Day — Farm transfer to a new device

Hay Day

Question: Help me! I like Hay Day and I reached level 33. But my phone crashed! I downloaded the game on my new tablet but it starts from the very first level! Please give me an advice how to restore my farm? I will be very grateful! I need to transfer the farm to the new device! Thanks in advance!


Dragon Land — Fire-spitting cheats, tips and tricks

Dragon Land

If you like old games from the Spyro series, then you will surely enjoy new platformer game Dragon Land from Social Quantum. You play as a cute Blaze the Dragon, and must rescue your friends. You'll unlock new abilities and levels, and some of these levels are quite hard to beat. So read our tips and tricks for Dragon Land!

Fishing Break — Fisherman's cheats, tips and tricks

Fishing Break

Do you like fishing? Yes? But do not have time to get out of town? Then Fishing Break will help you! In this bright and fun game you will, of course, go fishing and catch very large and cunning fish, open new characters and participate in tournaments. As in real life you have to be attentive, assiduous and able to use a fishing rod. Read our cheats, tips and tricks for Fishing Break!

Dream League Soccer 2016 — Сheats, tips and tricks for the real champions

Dream League Soccer 2016

Dream League Soccer 2016 is a football/soccer simulator for iOS and Android from First Touch Games Company. Like in other similar games, you create a team with players, train them and try to take top places in the fixture lists. Victories will help you to get very valuable coins. And coins can be used in the transfer market to buy popular football-players. Forward to the victory! Read our secrets and tricks for the Dream League Soccer 2016!

Clash Royale — Fabulous cheats, tips and tricks

Clash Royale

Finnish company Supercell is well known as the developer of such popular games like Clash of Clans, Beach Boom and Hay Day. It may seem that Clash Royale is the sequel to Clash of Clans, but it does not. Clash Royale is a kind of spin-off, which combines card game and tower defense genres. You collect a deck of cards and use them to destroy enemy towers before the opponent destroys yours. The cards in the game are quite different, and besides the common ones, you can use the more efficient rare and epic cards. Moreover, you can earn gold and elixirs, and even join clans. Read our tips and tricks for Clash Royale!

Farm Heroes Saga — Bull

Farm Heroes Saga

Question: Please explain me what to do with the bulls at the level 707? I can not understand the principle of their movement... What should I to do?

iSlash Heroes — Razor-sharp cheats, tips and tricks

iSlash Heroes

iSlash Heroes is an iOS and Android game, which will surely remind you popular Fruit Ninja slasher. In iSlash Heroes you need to cut the boards and watch out the shurikens. An important part of the gameplay is the precision, so you need to be not only fast, but also very attentive. And if you learn to play correctly, then you will easily do combo slices earning a lot of points with them! Read our cheats, tips and tricks for iSlash Heroes!


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