Marvel Avengers Academy — Cheats, tips and tricks for superheroes

Marvel Avengers Academy

Welcome to the Academy! But not an ordinary Academy, because this is the Academy of super-heroes! And these super-heroes behave themselves like youngsters: they organize parties, take selfies and assign dates. In Marvel Avengers Academy you have to lead the school where students are famous characters of Marvel Universe. But there is a menace because secret villainous organization Hydra Hordes is going to do something bad. The game seems to be difficult? Then read our cheats, tips and tricks for Marvel Avengers Academy!

Kendall and Kylie — Cute cheats, tips and tricks for trendies

Kendall and Kylie

Kendall and Kylie is a new 'celebrity game' from Glu Games. Glu Games already have experience in creating such titles (eg, girls gamers delighted Kim Kardashian: Hollywood). You start as a newbie in the nail salon, but things get changed when you meet with the famous Kendall and Kylie! Would you like to progress in the game faster? Then read our cheats, tips and tricks for Kendall and Kylie game!

Pixel Gun 3D — Cheats, tips and tricks that will make you a winner

Pixel Gun 3D

Pixel Gun 3D is not a new game, but it's still very popular. You can start single player campaign and then jump into a multiplayer battle with your friends (up to 7 gamers). Moreover you can create your own pixelated character and show him to the world. Read our tips and tricks for Pixel Gun 3D!

Hungry Shark Evolution — Mosasaurus aka Mr. Snappy

Hungry Shark Evolution — Mosasaurus aka Mr. Snappy

Question: Why there are no information about Mr. Snappy? Please tell me what you know about him! I'll be waiting for your answers!

My Talking Angela — No ads

My Talking Angela

Question: Please explain me how to get back ad videos that allow to earn money in this game? There are no ads for me, they disappeared!

Farm Heroes Saga — How to beat level 111?

Farm Heroes Sage

Question: I can't beat level 111. I get one star, but it's not enough for a key. The game ends even if I have additional moves. Does anybody knows how to get this key in FHS?

Splash Cars — Colourful cheats, tips and tricks

Splash Cars

Splash Cars is a very addictive game for iOS and Android from Craneballs. Your goal is to paint the world trying to avoid the police cars. Also you need to earn coins, buy and upgrade cars and unlock new levels. In general, the game is quite colorful in every sense! Read our cheats, tips and tricks for Splash Cars!

Guardian Stone: Second War — Fabulous cheats, tips and tricks

Guardian Stone: Second War

Guardian Stone: Second War is a turn-based role-playing game with strategy elements from the NHN Entertainment. You have to gather the Guardians and use them to fight monsters, complete quests and discover the storyline. Each of the Guardians has a lot of unique features, so you'll spend a lot of time studying the game. To make it more simple read our Guardian Stone: Second War tips and tricks!

BattleHand — Heroic cheats, tips and tricks


BattleHand is a role-playing game for iOS and Android from Kongregate. In this game you have to defend your native lands from the onslaught of the evil minions of Queen Amethyst. You've got to train heroes, improve their skills, discover new types of attacks and, of course, participate in the battles. Read our tips and tricks for BattleHand!


Sandstorm: Pirate Wars — Post-apocalyptic cheats, tips and tricks

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

Sandstorm: Pirate Wars is a post-apocalyptic role-playing game from Ubisoft Entertainment. You create your flying ship, equip it with solid armor and powerful weapons, and then fight with multiple opponents (computer and other players). Nuts and power cells are your rewards for these battles. Read tips and tricks for Sandstorm: Pirate Wars!


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