Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 — Keys

Shadow Fight 2

Question: Help me! I'm stuck! Where do I find keys for fights in dungeon? I was told that when there will be no keys then I'll get 5 keys again. But it doesn't happen!

Shadow Fight 2 — How to get an apprentice?

Shadow Fight 2

Question: How do I get Shadow apprentice in this game? A friend of mine told me that it's possible but he doesn't explain it to me! Could you be so kind and help me to solve this problem?!

Shadow Fight 2 - What is a set?

Question: To enchant a weapon with mythical recipe it's required to collect a SET. What is it and how do I collect it?

Shadow Fight 2 - Purple orbs

Question: What's the meaning of purple orbs? For example, for item enchantment you need green and red orbs. And I know nothing about purple ones... And another thing - how do I get them?

Shadow Fight 2 - Tips, tricks and strategy guide for victory

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is an extremely popular fighting (ugh!) game from Nekki. You play as Shadow and fight various bosses and their bodyguards. The main advantages of this game are nice graphics, realistic fights physics and exciting gameplay. It's not so easy to beat such bosses as Lynx, Titan, Hermit, Wasp and so on and that's why you should read our tips and tricks for Shadow Fight 2!

Shadow Fight 2 - How to defeat Lynx?


Question: Hello! I can't beat Lynx! As for me it seems almost impossible! With all my attacks I can't do some damage to him! Please help me and explain how to fight against this boss?

Shadow Fight 2 - The Eclipse

Question: I've defeated Lynx. Now I have to beat Hermit, but there are no sun in the first location. What should I do? I want The Eclipse! Is it bug or should I do something special? I haven't had a fight with a man offering to battle with him (I was told by the game that is "impossible). My level is 7.

Shadow Fight 2 - How to defeat Butcher?

Question: How to beat Butcher in the 3rd act? What tactics should I use?

Shadow Fight 2 - How to block attacks?

Question: Greetings! How to block enemies strikes? I wonder how do I do it on tablet? I hope you help me!

Shadow Fight 2 - How to defeat Hermit?

Question: How to defeat Hermit in the 2nd act? How to beat him? Are there any tactics or secrets?


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