Farm Heroes Saga

Farm Heroes Saga — Bull

Farm Heroes Saga

Question: Please explain me what to do with the bulls at the level 707? I can not understand the principle of their movement... What should I to do?

Farm Heroes Saga — How to beat level 111?

Farm Heroes Sage

Question: I can't beat level 111. I get one star, but it's not enough for a key. The game ends even if I have additional moves. Does anybody knows how to get this key in FHS?

Farm Heroes Saga - Bugs problem

Question: I can't beat level 492. The problem is in the bugs. I can't understand how to take them away? Please help!

Farm Heroes Saga - Spider webs

Question: What do I do if the spider won't go into empty web? Is there any way to destroy these empty webs?

Farm Heroes Saga - Unlocking gates

Question: I'm at level 40 and have 3 stars. But the gates won't open. Why? And what should I do? Please help me!

Farm Heroes Saga - How to beat level 161?

Question: Please explain me how to beat level 161? I can't collect these chickens! I'm waiting for your help!

Farm Heroes Saga - Sheep

Question: Hello! What to do with the sheep in this game? Please help me because I can't understand!

Farm Heroes Saga - Brown onion

Question: I can't understand how do brown onions work on level 164? Please help me! Thanks in advance for your explanations!

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